Finding the ~calm~ in !cHaOs!

So I would like to start off by saying that my life is not normal. Who’s is, right? But I truly never thought it was going to be like this… 

“Mom, he has my Pokemon card!!” Screams my 4 year old as he throws a swing at his older brother. 

As I’m taking this in I hear a loud crash from the kitchen. My youngest son is atop the table with my iced coffee spilled all down his chest. “Coffee, Mommy!” My heart sank as I realized my iced Java goodness and the fuel for my day would never make it to my lips to put out my very own stress fire.

Now I’m faced with a choice of priorities here: do I run to clean up my caffeinated baby or put out the Pokemon-card fire? So I turn to the slapping frenzy of Pokemon enthusiasts, take the cards in custody, and start trial with the ‘who did what’ ect., ect. to get to the bottom of it. 

Just then, four hungry boys come clambering down the steps asking me for dinner. 

So this is just a snapshot of a five minute time frame in my life. And the movement is constant. Chaotic, right? 

So my question is to you, especially you other mothers of large families, how do you find the ‘Calm in chaos?’

Send me your replies and stories here. I can’t wait to hear from you!!